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D80 fiber optic connector jumper patchcord coating

Model No.︰Customized
Brand Name︰3V-TECH
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 1 / pc
Minimum Order︰10 pc
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Product Description

Fiber Patchcord Coating

D80 Optic Fiber Patchcord utilize high precision D80 connector or air-gap-ferrule connector.It is equipped with high quality tip polishing surface fiber.The Patchcord mainly used for energy transmission of semiconductor laser modules and medium-low power solid state lasers.The internal connector of the fiber patch cord apply high-quality environment epoxy free technology,which improve the heat dissipation effect and service life of the fiber.The D80 Patchcord can meet the demand for laser welding,cutting and other high power transmission.3V TECHNOLOGY also offer custom patch cable services and accpet fiber cable(sunc as SMA905 jumper,FC/PC patch cord) coating services.

Product Application:

-Pump laser fiber tail and fiber patch cord.
-High power laser processing energy transmission.
-Medical laser equipment.
-Industrial laser processing

Product Features:

-3V-TECHNOLOGY’s unique fiber polishing and assembling process.
-The fiber patch cord is made if imported high quality large-core optical fibers.
-AR coated fiber end face,demage threshold up to 200mW/CM2.
-Stainless Steel Protective Tubing Design,resists crusing,abrasion,cutting,and pulling.
-The SMA ferrules are made of stainless steel or cupronickel and used as a heat sink,evacuating the heat quickly away from the fiber.
-Utilize air-cap-ferrule technology that eliminates energy-absorbing materials near the fiber end face sunc as epoxies,connector material,and coating,making them ideal for high-power applications.

Fiber Core 200/300/400/600/800/1000um;Customer Specified.
Fiber Length 200+/-5mm;Customer Specified.
Assembly Method D80 flat or air-gap-ferrule
Armored Diameter φ6 Stainless Steel Protective Tubing
Ferrule Material Ceramic/stainless steel/cupronickel
Coating Parameter AR Coating,R<0.5@%780-1000nm;Customer Specified.
D80,FC/PC accept fiber cable(such as SMA905 jumper,FC/PC patch cord) coating services.

We support to process angle-polished fiber and fiber tip coating based on customer’s requested.


Payment Terms︰TT
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