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Lensed Fiber Endcap Corning 79-79

Model No.︰圆柱形或定制
Brand Name︰3V-TECH
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1 / pcs
Minimum Order︰100 pcs
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Product Description

Fiber endcaps is also named as lensed endcaps,the end could be plano(flat) or lensed(curved) as customer‘s demand,also the end will be uncoated or coated according to customer’s application.

-Application: fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers, and laser processing equipment.

-Material: Corning 79-79, Corning 79-80, Heraeus 300, Heraeus 313 or customize

-Shape:cylintrical,rectangular or customize

-Length:3mm,6mm or customize

-Outer Diameter:1mm,1.5mm,2mm or customize

-Endcap :Plano(flat) or lensed(curved)

-End Finish:Coated or uncoated

-We supply to splice fiber with the endcap(Customized fiber)

Payment Terms︰TT
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