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With the advent of 5G, the demand for high-speed, high-density fiber transmission is becoming more and more urgent. It will become inevitable to expand one-dimensional fiber array into 2D fiber array (2D Fiber Array, fiber surface array, 2D fiber array).

The 2D fiber array is coupled with the laser, and the multi-channel laser can be arranged inten-sively and miniaturized through the 2D fiber array to realize laser face array transmission.The fiber optic array is coupled to the detector to achieve the requirement of replacing expensive area array detectors or splicing into large area array detectors with small array detectors.

This 2D fiber array allows thousands of laser channels to position precisely in the X direction and Y direction simultaneously without any crosstalk. Array coupling, switching from 1D to 2D, and signal transmitting and receiving can be easily achieved.

Application: Optical coupling, data transmission, detecting scanning



Arrangement styles Line、Square、 circle


Accept customization

Min Channel pitch 70um


Accept customization

Min Diameter of fiber 50um Fiber Type Single、Multi、PM


And Doulble Clad Fiber

Pitch error ±1um Core position error ±1um
Accumulative error 0 Transmittance ≥90%
Wavelength 200-1800nm Numerical Aperture 0.12、0.22


With more than 18 years experiences of designing and developing optical fiber solutions,and first-class fabricating workmanship from Japan,3V TECHNOLOGY is a professional world-service manufacturer,who can support customized requirements.

We specialize in:

Standard single-mode SM fiber array

Custom Multi-mode MM fiber array

Polarization Maintaining PM fiber array

Custom SM+MM mixed fiber array

Custom PM+SM mixed fiber array

42.5°angle polished fiber array

45°angle polished fiber array

Custom lidless fiber array

Custom Miniature fiber array

MFD conversion fiber array

lensed fiber array

fiber-protruding fiber array,

hermetically sealed fiber array

2-dimensional(2D) fiber array

and even other customized fiber array with special pitch,special fiber,special channel.


1.Excellent fiber core position accuracy     
2.Telcordia/Rohs compliant ,tested to 5000 hours      
3.Glass V-groove substrate and lid for effective UV curing .     
4.Custom design flexibility ,V-groove created in-house      
5.Hermetically sealed package with metalized fiber available      
6.AR/Hi-reflection coating available.     


Custom Parameters: 

Material(v-groove): Quatz,Borosilicate,Silicon or customize  

Channel Numbers: 1CH,2CH,4CH,6CH,8CH,12CH,16CH,24CH,32CH,48CH,64CH,or customize 

Core Spacing: 127um,250nm or customize(tolerence±0.5um)     

Endface Angel Polished: 0, 8, -8(±0.2)    

Fiber Type:PM/SM/MM or customize

Fiber Length: 0.2m,0.5m,1m,2m,or customize

Optional Connectors:LC,FC(UPC or APC),SMA,D80 or customize

We can support to produce for customized order based on provided sample/drawing

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