Custom Fiber Array Glass Ferrule Pigtail

Custom Fiber Array Glass Ferrule Pigtail

Model No.︰Custom

Brand Name︰3V-TECH

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1 / pcs

Minimum Order︰10 pcs

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Product Description

3V TECHNOLOGY is a professional manufacturer with 18years experiences in producing optic fiber glass capillary and pigtails.Our products not only included of regular single-core fiber pigtail,dual-core fiber pigtail,but also have 4cores,9cores,16cores,25cores,36cores,64cores 2-dimentional pigtails based on clients' customization requested.



Capillary Type:Cylindrical/Retangular

Capillary Dimension:0.9~2.5 or customer’s request

Inner Diameter: 127um or customer’s request

Capillary Length:3.5mm/6.5mm or customer’s request

Endface Degree:8º ±0.3º or customer’s request

Fiber Length:0.5m/1.0m/2.0m or customer's request

Fiber Type:SM/MM/PM bare fiber with loose tube or Customer's request

Optional Connectors:Optional Connector:LC/SC/FC/ST or others

Application:Optical communicationa, lasing,sensing,medical treatment and etc.

Payment Terms︰ TT

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