Polarization maintaining PM fiber array

Polarization maintaining PM fiber array

Model No.︰Customize

Brand Name︰3V-TECH

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1 / pcs

Minimum Order︰5 pcs

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Product Description

 With more than 18 years experiences of designing and developing optical fiber solutions,and first-class fabricating workmanship from Japan,3V TECHNOLOGY is a professional world-service manufacturer,who can support customized requirements.

We specialize in:

Standard single-mode SM fiber array

Custom Multi-mode MM fiber array

Polarization Maintaining PM fiber array

Custom SM+MM mixed fiber array

Custom PM+SM mixed fiber array

42.5°angle polished fiber array

45°angle polished fiber array

Custom lidless fiber array

Custom Miniature fiber array

MFD conversion fiber array

lensed fiber array

fiber-protruding fiber array,

hermetically sealed fiber array

2-dimensional(2D) fiber array

Cusom Lens Array

and even other customized fiber array with special pitch,special fiber,special channel.


1.Excellent fiber core position accuracy     
2.Telcordia/Rohs compliant ,tested to 5000 hours      
3.Glass V-groove substrate and lid for effective UV curing .     
4.Custom design flexibility ,V-groove created in-house      
5.Hermetically sealed package with metalized fiber available      
6.AR/Hi-reflection coating available.     


Custom Parameters: 

Material(v-groove): Quatz,Borosilicate,Silicon or customize  

Channel Numbers: 1CH,2CH,4CH,6CH,8CH,12CH,16CH,24CH,32CH,48CH,64CH,or customize 

Core Spacing: 127um,250nm or customize(tolerence±0.5um)     

Endface Angel Polished: 0, 8, -8(±0.2)    

Fiber Type:PM/SM/MM or customize

Fiber Length: 0.2m,0.5m,1m,2m,or customize

Optional Connectors:LC,FC(UPC or APC),MT,SMA,D80 or customize

We can support to produce for customized order based on provided sample/drawing 

Payment Terms︰ TT

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